About GFA

Global Flooring Alliance (GFA) is an international association of parquet importers and distributors and was founded in 1989 as Euparal (European Parquet Alliance) by a group of four companies: Chetham Timber (Ireland), Hardvidarval (Iceland), Promoketa (Spain) and Woodpecker (Holland). This group foresaw in 1989 the need of international exchange between parquet importers and distributors. Originally the association focused on Europe and started with four members. In 2022 there are 11 members, 10 in Europe and 1 in Canada. Since the association was incorporated in the Netherlands it is governed by Dutch law. The first chairman was Robbert Otto of Woodpecker. Nowadays the board is: Einar Gottskalksson (chairman), Matjaz Stefan (treasurer) and Jos Krijnen (secretary).

After exactly twenty years of existence the members of the Euparal association decided to change the name of the association. Markets have changed but also the association has changed within this period. In 1989 organizations, companies, etc. were very Europe minded. Nowadays our organization not only aims at the European market but has broadened its focus to all markets worldwide. With Global Flooring Alliance (GFA) we want to make a statement we see ourselves as a global organization which welcomes new members from countries worldwide.

The Global Flooring Alliance is also member of the European Federation of Parquet Importers (EFPI). EFPI is a lobbying organization which wants to protect the interests of Parquet Importers. EFPI resides in Brussels which makes it easy for them to get in close contact with EU politicians.

The aims of the association are:

  • promoting of parquet in general
  • exchange of product, market and technical information (in the broadest sense)
  • mutual assistance in ‘out-of-stock-situations’
  • two general meetings per annum (one is at the Domotex fair in Hannover and one in a membership country; the so called Summermeeting) in which each member contributes information in a local marketreport and in which each member comments on its own situation and on that of others
  • members have to be stock keeping parquet importers and it is the intention to have one company per country

Membership obligations are:

  • to pay a contribution fee
  • to come to the meetings twice a year as a company (i.e. yourself or a representative)
  • to supply the local marketreport to the secretary before the meeting
  • to react on GFA correspondence

There are no further obligations attached to your membership.

You can E-mail us on secretary@globalflooringalliance.com
Our postal adress is: Burg. de Raadtsingel 71 K, 3311 JG Dordrecht, The Netherlands.
You can reach the secretary by telephone on +31 615056733